Cheryl Roe

Research Logistics, On-Road Vehicles

Cheryl Roe is the research logistics coordinator for on-road vehicle research at the National Advanced Driving Simulator. She has been working in research since 2001 and has extensive experience in the areas of study coordination, naturalistic driving, and video coding. She handles the logistics for studies in the simulator, on-road and on closed courses. Her responsibilities in include preparing and submitting IRB applications, document preparation, participant recruitment, staff protocol training, development of participant questionnaires and training, and ensuring data integrity. Her research interests include vehicle automation with a focus on training, driver impairment, and distraction. 

Ms. Roe has coordinated several naturalistic driving and closed-course research projects. The naturalistic studies included a foot pedal behavior analysis, a seat belt analysis, and a study that sought to understand how drivers typically interact with automated vehicle systems. During these projects, she also performed a literature review, created video coding protocols, operationally defined pedal misapplications, analyzed data and developed multiple training protocols for participants. Additionally, she assisted with the development of and participated in data collection of a demonstration study that evaluated driver’s trust, knowledge and willingness to use advanced vehicle safety technologies. She also has designed and developed participant training and study protocols for two closed-course research studies.

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Cheryl Roe
B.S., Psychology, University of Iowa